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during my time off (if you can call it that way), i kept sacred boards (both on instagram and pinterest) of all the designers and products that i stumbled upon, that i’d love to write about, if and when i’ll be back to design break.
so i guess the time has finally come and i’m beyond excited to introduce you to yael livneh.
i think it was irit biran (the mastermind behind now pottery, but that’s for another post), who first shared the magical world of yael. i remember staring at her mesmerizing lines and trying to figure out a way to transport myself into her studio. i so wish i could witness the creation, or should i say the dance moves that led into these beautiful and delicate frozen moments in time.
i’ve been known to be obsessed with everyday ceramic objects, but there is something so special with ceramics, that serves no purpose other than for the sake of being.
it looks like, while working on the wheel, yael strives to shape plain, organic and minimal forms. it feels as if she wants us to think that her objects were created on a whim. it’s as if you could detect how the lines of her sketches took a life of their own and transformed into a living breathing figure.
there’s no doubt that “lanua’“, which means “to move” in hebrew, the title of this body of work, is a spot on kind of title. it the end, it all comes down to: a potter’s wheel, blue, black, white porcelain and a lot of movement.


yael livneh
yael livneh
yael livneh
yael livneh
photos by noam preisman

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