Art, World Break 2013 Graduate Shows. SF, Here We Go!

  • Francine Marquis // The Baccalaureate Exhibition
  • Dirk VanderMeer // The Baccalaureate Exhibition
  • Sara Sellitto // The MFA Graduate Show
  • Carmen Lang // The MFA Graduate Show
  • Margo Molowiec // The MFA Graduate Show

Up until now i’ve been used to visiting graduate shows back home in Israel each and every year I get super restless and can’t wait to see some really exciting and original designs. This year I won’t be able to do so BUT I have an opportunity to explore the ones in San Francisco and I’m up for the challenge. Going to unfamiliar territories, experiencing different perspectives and above all getting to know some new graduates. Over the weekend I began my 2013 Graduates journey and first was the California College of the Arts. I’ll tell you all about it but for now let me leave you with some of my favorite projects.

Photos by Me

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