Fashion, World Break World Break: Eleanor Bolton | Stitching a Black Trail

  • Atlas Necklace
  • Two Tone Necklace | Spectra, Coiled and Two Tone Bangles
  • Half Atlas Necklace
  • Nystron Necklace | Half Coil Necklace
  • Spectra Four Necklace

One of my favorite posts last year was the one I wrote about Eleanor Bolton’s gigantic necklaces and bangles. Maybe the fact that my friend Sharon wanted to book the very first flight to London in order to buy one of them has something to do with it ;) Anyways, Since then I’ve been waiting impatiently for Eleanor to release to the world her new stitched work of art. The time has finally come and I just had to share it! This time Eleanor “is taking inspiration from nautical themes, she uses the hardware found on these vessels as her guiding point, from luxury yachts to the simple rowing boat.”


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