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  • Lital Cohen's Reaction
  • Lital Cohen's Reaction
  • Itzik Cohen's Reaction
  • Shy Taub's Reaction
  •  Sasson Kedem's Reaction
  • Sasson Kedem's Reaction
  • Almog Weiss' Reaction
  • Almog Weiss' Reaction

Usually whenever I bumps into a new shoe catalog most of the time they all feel the same. The shoe is always center stage, usually on a white background and sometimes I spot an actual foot here and there. BUT this time it’s different, really different! The girls behind UnaUna (Almog and Mira) turned to some of their favorite artists and designers and asked them to create a compatible piece of art that will accompany each and every one of their summer 2013 collection aka Reaction. The outcome is refreshing, beautiful, sensitive and intriguing all at the same time.


Photos by Guy Gilad

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