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Hello! It’s me. Einat. It’s been forever since I wrote something.
With the 2016 Graduate shows popping up in Israel and while few of my favorite 2015 graduates starting to bloom, I decided that it’s the perfect time to show up and just start writing again.
So… Without further ado, let’s talk about Na’ama Ben Moshe and her adorable creatures. They are so much more than just adorable, but let’s start from the beginning. Na’ama is a 2015 graduate of the Textile Design Department at the Shenkar College. In her graduate project, The Fabric Man, she danced around different cultures, symbols, images and characters. While doing so, she played with various interpretation to the worlds of textile and illustration, which are a huge part of who she really is. The idea behind “The Fabric Man” is a bit complex, somewhat philosophical even. Na’ama attempted to define a character and its story. A story about the human journey of physical and mental transformation. It all sounds a bit vague but the bottom line is Which One Are You? A series of 12 plush dolls. 12 dolls, that symbolize 12 different archetypes that live inside us, derived from the psychological theory of Carl Gustav Jung. Jung suggested that in our universal collective subconscious exist 12 archetypes, which are common and exist in all people. Now, let’s move to the most exciting part! There are 12 oh-so-adorable yet feisty, mundane or even heroic creatures waiting for you. They are hoping you’ll find yourself within one of them and back your heart out on their kickstarter campaign. I’m still debating if I’m more of a dreamer or a explorer. Oh well, who am I kidding, I’m most definitely a dreamer!
Oh, just last thing, I must admit that I’m blown away by Na’ama’s mad illustrated skills (after all, it all starts with a sketch). I mean, these dolls are full of character and details. Right?!

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