Like Knows Like | Geffen Refaeli and her DailyDoodleGram


Illustration, Israeli Designers, Video Like Knows Like | Geffen Refaeli and her DailyDoodleGram

Ever since Geffen Refaeli shared with her @DailyDoodleGram followers on Instagram, that she is about to be featured on Like Knows Like short documentary series, I couldn’t hold back my excitement. I might have refreshed the Like Knows Like site one too many times. Well, after all it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of illustrator Geffen Refaeli and her explosive talent.
The concept is really simple (for us, not for her): Geffen selects elements from different pictures appearing in her Instagram stream and combine them into a doodle.
She uploaded her first DoodleGram back in May 2012 and since then she never stopped.
It’s always exciting to hear what artists have to say about their lives and what led them to become who they are. Filmmaker Bas Berkhout, the one behind Like Knows Like with the help of photographer Marije Kuiper, manages to capture that beauty behind the art itself, in the most personal and inviting way possible.
With that being said, I’d love for you to take a couple of minutes and watch Geffen’s episode and once you finish watching, you will love her even more. Oh and you’ll also want to keep on going through other mesmerizing documentaries.

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