My San Francisco Break | Our Second SFversary!


Hi there. My name is Einat, Travel My San Francisco Break | Our Second SFversary!

January 18th 2013 was the day we hopped on a plane and 16 hours later, we found ourselves in San Francisco.
Fast forward to January 2015, we are celebrating our second SFversary, and boy, a lot has changed since we first arrived.
But one thing that hasn’t changed and will never change is my love for finding new spots for yummy food and re-visit my all time favorite coffee shops.
I love the fact that in any given week, you can find a new fancy coffee shop (or tea house, or ice-cream bar…) that will make your heart smile and end up as a memorable insta-moment.
I thought that it would be fun to name a few of my favorite spots so I could keep track on them. After all, you can’t have too many lattes in a day or too many ice-cream scoops on a cone. Right?!
So, here goes (in no particular order): Smitten Ice Cream (made to order ice-cream? duh!). 20th Century Cafe (you should order every single dish but start with the smoked salmon bagel and the Russian Honey Cake). Craftsm and Wolves (the most beautiful pastries. everrrrr). Charles Chocolates (hello s’mores heaven!). Humphry Slocombe (the most outrageous flavors). Saint Frank Coffee (these guys are super serious about their coffee making). Hollow (just head over there. you won’t regret). Hollow (small but cozy and beautiful in it’s simplicity. Just go!). Bar Tartine (don’t leave before you tried their Smoked Potatoes with Black Garlic and Ramp Mayonnaise). Nopa (brunch. brunch. brunch and then brunch all over again). Central Kitchen (ummmm… their plating is everything). Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen (I’m Jewish after all… but seriously, don’t leave their Babka behind ). Souvla (Frozen Yogurt with Baklava Crumbles & Syrup. I kid you not!). Front Café (Affogato. Affogato. Affogato). Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous (English Black Tea ice-cream does exists). b. patisserie (Chocolate Banana Almond-Croissant for the win!). Dandelion Chocolate (everything made out of chocolate. what’s not to like?!). Dynamo Donut (their flavors are above and beyond magical). fifty/fifty (pretty. pretty. pretty). and… Samovar Tea Lounge (you want to go straight to 411 Valencia Street before trying any other location).
Okay. I think that’s about it. I hope you are still here with me…
If you happen to see me at any one of these happy places, don’t hesitate to say hello! And… if you can think of some places, that I missed or should defiantly check, please share them with me.
I’m going to leave you with my growing #MySanFranciscoBreak hashtag and me, with a heart filled with lots of happy memories and many dreams (and yummy spots that need to be explored) in the next year.

Photos by me

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