Israeli Designers Keren Rosen | Family Ties

  • Galia . Keren's Friend
  • Keren's Mom
  • Orit and Her Cats
  • Keren's Dad
  • Nilly . Keren's Friend
  • Adi . Keren's Friend

Can you imagine your close family and friends as little miniatures?
I certainly can!
Well, Keren Rosen took it up a notch and actually made an army of little minis. I love the fact that she tried to capture their spirit and personality by adding just a dash of color.
Keren is one of those people who likes to keep themselves busy at all times and beside her daily work as an industrial designer, she sketches… like EVERY DAY kind of thing and even has time for other side projects. I don’t know what about you but I feel like I have to step up my game… ;)


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