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Just the other day I talked with a friend of mine and confessed that I’m not much of a fancy girl. What I mean is, I let my accessories do the talk and not my clothes. However, once I bumped into Keren Brat’s The Sinister Crawl collection, a little voice inside my head made me reconsider my choices!
I can talk on and on about the impeccable pieces (but that’s a given!) but all I really want to do is take a moment and imagine my life as one of Keren’s sophisticated chics.
FYI, in what seems like a life time ago, I had the pleasure of having Keren as one of my One On One Breaks.


Photos by Eva K. Salvi


  • July 3, 2012

    Juliette Gold

    The collection is very interesting. It’s very much “on-trend”, yet still manages to carry a personal tone. It’s not an easy thing to accomplish.

  • July 7, 2012


    I love seeing the way Keren evolves with each and every collection.

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