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Sometimes you have to slow down.
I guess I can relate to Liron’s domesticated post just because from time to time (who am I kidding, it’s more like most of the time) I like to take things easy.
Well, since now it’s time for another post by Liron, A Typographer in The Making and not My San Francisco Break, I’d better let the girl share with us what a laid back time in Reading looks and feels like.
BTW, I don’t know what about you but I can’t wait for Liron to be done with her typeface. I’m SO CURIOUS!
Back from Europe to Europe. It already feels like home here. A messy one. Things are just piling up and we can’t blame everything on the lack of shelves. Not because of Passover cleaning, just because the house needs tiding up – we started putting things back to their place, and it takes a while. Even though it’s term break, I’m studying a lot. Jumping between cap A, small cap E, italic f and Hebrew. With three scripts, It always feels like one of them is neglected. Who would of imagined that this whole type design business would be so emotional. Coming to the studio on Easter. It’s almost empty and quiet. Drinking lots of coffee, preparing cold salads because the agriculture building- where the microwave is- is closed. Going to the gym, while watching one of the best Gray’s Anatomy episodes (no spoilers for late watchers like me… it was the end of season 6). Being out of breath and not knowing if it’s because of the plot or the workout. No London for two weeks. How can you miss a city so much? The other half is in exam period, the London friends are in Switzerland and I’m home. Going to the farmers market in Reading. Two stalls of fruit and vegetables, one stall of super odd things like not matching shoes and attic blankets. Eating homemade pies in a super sweet British place after receiving a friendly tip. Finding out from another friend that there is a place for cakes and coffee in town. Buying cake for later. Buying tons of fruits, buying flowers that will replace the dry ones that we have. Breaking the flowers on the train back. Yes- breaking the flowers, It’s possible. Going back the next day to try the coffee in the cake place. Understanding that we need another basket for laundry. Finding an Easter chocolate egg that was hidden for me in the backyard of our studio (thank you Lisush!). Feeling like there is so much work to be done, but being here and not travelling is good for now. Relaxing.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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