Illustrated Break: April 2014 | By Masha Manapov


Illustration Illustrated Break: April 2014 | By Masha Manapov

A bit delayed but still… with great pleasure I’m introducing you to Masha Manapov and her April 2014 Illustrated Break.
“Design doesn’t really feel like a break to me, more like a way of living. As a freelance designer I feel isolated from my surroundings, sitting in my Ivory tower overlooking the world but only in my imagination. While illustrating, I just wanted to enjoy myself without any rigid brief or restrictions while keeping the color pallet to a minimum. I also wanted to make something that conceptually will maintain a dialog with the given format- the desktop.”
Masha is an artist as much as a graphic designer and with her “washed colors” she takes you along to an imaginary journey, where each character and every brush stroke, has a story behind them.

Each month a new desktop wallpaper is up for grabs for you to download and jazz up your computer.

Click to download:


  • April 7, 2014


    Wow! what a refreshing and unique piece!
    The texture is so calming and interesting – I could look at it for hours. and the I noticed the perspective… it’s great!!

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