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  • Citizen Nikos
  • Jen Gotch
  • Michele Milando
  • Bonnie Tsang
  • Monique Neelen
  • Joy Cho
  • Einat Kayless Argaman. Yep, It's me, DesignBreak

By now you all know I’m an Instagram addict. there is no point in hiding it. As it’s one of my addictions that I’m proud of, I figured it’s time to share with you some of the people that I like following around the fields of the Instaworld. So, here is few of my fav instagramers: Citizen Nikos, Jen Gotch, Michele Milando, Bonnie Tsang, Monique Neelen, and Joy Cho.
You can follow my Instagram feed while I share my Japanese journey or better yet, join the Instagram party yourself!
FYI, You can read about my favorite pinners on Pinterest.

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