Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Fourteen

While Liron took some time off from her regular A Typographer in The Making postings, she was away on a vacation in her homeland aka Israel.
After reading it all I’m not sure if it was much of a vacation or a marathon, but either way it looks like she enjoyed some of my very own favorite parts of Israel which are: the sun, the beach, summer fruits and the FOOD!
It almost feels like I miss Israel but it’s only been five months so far… Oh well.
Back to reality, Liron has a Typeface to finish and the clock is ticking. I’m super anxious but will have to wait for the big reveal.
It’s all about timing. That’s what everyone says. It couldn’t have been further away from my life in the past two weeks. Three important weddings were the official reason for flying to Israel for a visit. The days filling up quickly with visiting five new babies, birthday and bachelorette parties, endless eating, family and friends. And heat. Being shocked with the need to turn on the AC after the past 10 month in cold UK. The beach. Summer dresses after storing my coat in the closet- to be left alone in the dark during the visit. No use for it now. Looking at my work participating in a great book cover exhibition while eating a Popsicle and grapes. Just missing out on another exhibition that I took part in. Staying at my parents house like a guest, something I’ve never done before. Who have imagined that at some point I could not even imagine me eating anymore???. Completely food overdosed. Enormous quantities of Vaniglia ice cream. So many feelings. A strong one is guilt. While being with friends and family- guilty for not Typefacing. When Typefacing- it’s the other way around. Israeli cottage cheese with tomatoes once again proves as the best food in the world when coming from across the sea.
Back to the UK in a super bumpy flight. My half is still in Israel for two more weddings and I am back for full power Typefacing before the approaching submission date. Moments that sitting on the sofa staring at the walls seems like a better alternative to Typefaceing. Other times when eyes are closing late at night, fixing just one more glyph before going to bed is similar to taking just one more piece of chocolate- uncontrolled action. It’s an on & off switch that should now be more on ON and stay like that for the next week.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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