Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Six

I hope you enjoy Liron Lavi Turkenich’s posts as much as I do. I’ve always wanted to get a sneak peek into a student’s life these days (it’s been way too long since my days as a student) and Liron is giving us the grand tour! Anyways, this post is all about some numbers and yet again some food talk, just the way I like it…
Oh, and it seems like Liron has yet to design 389 Amharic characters (!!!)
I can’t wait to see them all but I sure hope it won’t interfere with her foodie tour around London ;)
Time for some numbers. We’ve been here for 21 weeks, payed 5 months rent. Number of weekend of not visiting London: 3, number of times watching Les Misérables: 3 (including one overpriced ticket+popcorn in the cinema). Number of Latin characters designed: 26. Number of Hebrew characters designed: 14. Number of Amharic characters designed: 31. Remaining Amharic characters to design: 389. number of 100% final letters designed: 0. But actually, why bother with numbers? Don’t we have the privilege as designers to get dizzy by numbers and stop calculating? Taking a really close look at Dürer‘s engravings and thinking that art history classes seem so long ago. Smiling because of the oddities I spotted in old catalogs Getting the privilege of accessing the Monotype archives on a heavy-snow day. Starting to find my way through the unbelievable amount of type related material, sketches and specimens just in time to find out that the building has to be shut down because of the snow. Once again visiting a supermarket and feeling like in a museum. This time it’s Whole Foods. Escaping before buying the entire store but still getting the best carrot cake ever. Needing a mint colored sweater that I spotted months ago, and having everyone search the storage room for it. Mint sweater- check! Discovering the Cyrillic script. Discovering the wonderful lakes and forest just 10 minutes from our flat. Discovering the large community of bird-watchers in Reading. Being enchanted with the sun and forgetting that it was rainy yesterday, and therefore having to wear a ridicules rain coat so my nice coat won’t get soaked with mud from our bicycle ride. Onion soup, risotto, home made hummus, tons of Antipasti, pea soup. Comforting, warming and giving you an excuse not to move after eating them. Can’t decide if the winter should end or last a little more. I guess no one is really asking me…

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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