September 2012

DesignBreak Elsewhere | Interviewing Itamar Burstein for the JPost | September 5.12

I’m not sure is designers play the name dropping game, but if I would ever to do so on behalf of the industrial designer Itamar Burstein, I’ll would be covered. This energetic human being is spending his time between Tel Aviv and Paris, and while doing so, he manages to collaborate with some …

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Student Break | Tomer Botner | Community Knife | September 4.12

Now this is something I didn’t think I’d ever write about, I mean what do I have in common with knives, other than slicing my watermelon? Tomer Botner, a fresh industrial designer out of the Shenkar College, decided to create his own version of a community knife. He collaborated with 17 different craftsmen, …

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