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Geffen Refaeli, oh Geffen Refaeli…
I’m affraid she might think that I’m a stalker!
No matter what will come out of her magical hands, I know I’l be writing and craving for it. I guess, that’s life :)
So, the minute Geffen wrote me and told me (not that I haven’t spotted it on instagram way back) about her family of illustrated cacti, I knew what needed to be done.
I’m a flower girl but for some reason, even cacti are having a hard time staying alive in my hands. Geffen’s ones will sure live out longer and besides, they are much cuter and happier.



  • September 10, 2012


    you are the best stalker i could ever dream of!!!
    warm my heart!
    thank you:)))

  • September 11, 2012


    I totally agree
    her illustration feel loke magic
    I love everything she does

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