World Break: Romy Northover | Perfect Imperfections


Ceramics, World Break World Break: Romy Northover | Perfect Imperfections

I have the weirdest habit. Whenever I like a photo on Instagram, I also read the comments that were written about it. As I told you, it’s weird alright. Anyways, if there is one time I was really happy for being so bizarre was this time, because that’s how I ended up on Romy Northover’s insta-feed. And what a feed it is!
I have such a huge appreciation for artists and especially ceramists who let random “mistakes” or strokes happen. When you look at Romy’s ceramics, you can’t help but want to head over to her studio and just sit still and… stare. Yeah, just stare at her while she is creating all these strokes of raw beauty. AND… to make things even more perfect, Romy doesn’t really care about covering it all up with glaze and the fact that you can feel the raw clay under your fingers with all it’s bumpy texture is just… well, perfect!

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