Fashion, World Break World Break: Maude Lapierre | Fly Away

  • 4 Insects Necklace
  • Grasshopper Brooch
  • Dragonfly Grass Earrings
  • Grasshopper Long Earrings

One of the things that never ceases to amaze me is that with each and every day I find a new creation, a new point of view, a new everything. In a matter of fact, this is exactly what keeps me going.
Maude Lapierre wasn’t a designer I’ve seen before but when I stumbled upon her delicate work I was blown away by her ability to capture the beauty of nature in such a minimal yet precise way. It’s no secret that simple lines and a dash of color can get you anywhere and Maude’s insects are living proof.


DesignBreak found Maude here

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