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Instagram is a wonderful thing, especially when you live abroad and need your daily fix of Israeli inspiration. That’s where I stumbled upon Tamara Efrat’s mesmerizing Crafted TechnologyCrafted Technology is a collaborated research project between Tamara, a M.Des graduate of the Industrial Design Department at the Bezalel Academy and Moran Mizrahi and Dr. Amit Zoran of the School of Computer Science at the Hebrew University.
Let’s set the record straight, computer science is beyond me, but when Tamara talks about it, I kinda feel like there is still hope for me. She makes it sound like something that can be tangible, as crazy it sounds. Then again, maybe the only tangible things I’m referring to are these crazy beautiful, under the sea, kind of bags.
“The project investigates cooperation between craftsmen and technology experts, and is focused on possibilities of contemporary interpretation and use of traditional smocking embroidery, through parametric tools… as an example of a repetitive handcraft dedicated to the creation of structures and designs, which is compatible with digitization. Through contemporary technology and parametric planning, the project attempts to revive and enhance the original characteristics of embroidery and turn it into a practical three-dimensional object of diverse textures and configurations.”
You can watch how the magic unfolds right here BUT WAIT, that’s not all!
“Crafted Technology is a collection of a new line of bags, where each and every item has its own unique look and appearance, reflecting the group of parameters making up its genetic code. Personal customization of the bags is performed by the technology itself, which enables a unique design for each object… The parametric principle dictates emphasis on a certain physical or performance characteristic, such as elasticity, plasticity, rigidity, softness or axiality, enabling the designer to enhance it at the expense of other characteristics.”
Sounds like a piece of cake, right?!


Photos by Daniel Shechter

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