Industrial Design, Israeli Designers, Student Work Student Break: Shoval Shavit | There’s an Elephant in My Tub

In Israel we don’t have too many water resources and that’s why we can’t turn on the water when we shower and go with the flow for as long as we want to. It doesn’t work that way (although sometime I wish it was). Anyways, with Shoval Shavit’s PILUSH, it looks like kids would love to save water or at least learn how to since it’s an “Inflatable bath toy that takes up an area and volume of the bath saves up to 60 liters”. It doesn’t sound like a bad idea, in fact I need my very own PILUSH!
FYI, Shoval is a forth year industrial design student at the Shenkar College.


A DesignBreak by Noga Manor

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