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Whenever I write about a graduate, I have butterflies. Yep, it never gets old. And if it happens that I know and love the designer behind it, the butterflies are ten times bigger. So, as I’m writing this post about Noy Alon‘s Transitional.Object, I’m super emotional. I think I got to know Noy during her second year and she was one of the first supporters of DesignBreak and… Thanks to her and Galit Barak (another wicked graduate) I got an inside look into the Jewelry Design Department at the Shenkar College.
Anyways, enough about me being super nostalgic. Let’s focus and go back to Noy and her graduation project. As I said, it’s called Transitional.Object and it deals with some pretty deep and sensitive changes she went through.
We all go through some changes in our lives but the fact that out of those complicated times, she came up with a series of touching jewelries, is not that obvious. With her eyes and heart being wide open, Noy ended up with creations that force you to think about the fine line between wearable jewelry versus an object.
Oh… just one last thing, I’m in love with this grey + gold combo and obsessed with the shades of grey. You can never have too many shades of grey!
FYI, here is one of my favorite designs by Noy.

Noy Alon‘s
Noy Alon‘s
Noy Alon‘s
Noy Alon‘s
Photos by Ran Golani

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