Industrial Design, Israeli Designers, Student Work Student Break: Noga Berman | Bending, Binding, Wrapping, Packing

  •  Tunnels Collection | Wood Boxe
  •  Tunnels Collection | Lying Furniture
  •  Tunnels Collection | Chair
  •  Tunnels Collection | Chair
Noga is a 2010 graduate of the Industrial Design Department of Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.
Her “Tunnels – Encompassing Furniture” is a series of furniture that explore private places inside of household furniture. “Just as a cat seeks out hiding places or small spaces to slip into, I wanted to create furniture that can encompass all or parts of the human body. I created human-scale objects that can be used for lying down, sitting and storage.”
One of Noga’s main influences for this project was the Danish designer Ditte Hammerstrom.


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