Israeli Designers, Student Work, Video Student Break: Yoav Brill | Dot Dot Dot

OK, now this is true polka dot madness!
I mean, with all the polka dots I see where ever I turn, and with that being also Kate Spade’s art of the dot fall theme, it makes perfect sense to share with you Yoav Brill’s Ishihara. Ishihara draws it’s name and inspiration from the visual tests used to detect color blindness. I won’t reveal anything else about the story cause you have to see it for yourself.
FYI, Ishihara was Yoav’s 2010 graduation project, at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, but in my defense only now I realised there is a living, breathing English version.
You can read a lot more about this animation, right here.

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