Shira Keret for REDESIGN[D] | Can’t Touch The Monolith Light


Industrial Design, Israeli Designers Shira Keret for REDESIGN[D] | Can’t Touch The Monolith Light

By now it is safe to say that I gonna love whatever will come out of Shira Keret’s hands. This girl doesn’t really know how to stand still. It looks like her mind works 24/7 in order to create the most minimalistic yet functional objects. That’s why there is no question why the REDESIGN[D] guys wanted to collaborate with her. The Monolith Light is based on the same methodology and esthetics that led to the making of the original Monolith series of marble objects.
Monolith Light is a series of wall mounted light fixtures, each unique in its mixture of ridges and blend of colors. The flat discs that comprise the lamps are crafted from thinly sliced Corian blocks. The use of Corian, a polymer based solid surface material, has enabled the seamless blending of colors and textures in a single slab. Each disc is held in place by brass prongs which fix it to the base of the lamp without damaging its surface, similarly to how precious stones are held in jewelry.”
It’s obvious that for Shira, the material is king, in each and every object she creates. She enjoys following its lead and comes up with a way to surprise us with its – not so common or know characteristics.
This time around, finding out that Corian can be cut into thin slices while having good translucence, gave Shira the opportunity to turn these textured monochromatic slices into light fixtures.
What I love the most about this design is the endless possibilities lying between the light and its shadows.
If you are curious to hear and see more about the process, you should watch this video. For me it’s always fun to get a glimpse into the designer’s mind.

Photos by Daniel Shechter

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