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Ceramics, Israeli Designers Orit Ben Arie | A Fragile Reality

If only I had a superpower… I would have found my way to see “One by One”, Orit Ben Arie’s ceramic installation at The Biennale of Israeli Ceramics in The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv.
I was fortunate enough to have seen the prototypes of these crazy beautiful fragile tools, almost two years ago, when Orit was still living in Berkeley (and yeah, I miss her dearly!) and I even convinced her, to save me one of them, the minute the biennale is over.
Orit sculptural objects are raising questions regarding the connection between a handmade object and an industrialized commercial object. She uses traditional sculpting techniques and ceramic material with all its symbolic significance, by which she refers to preserving her authentic fingerprint as an artist and questioning its necessity in the industrialized world.
“The stoneware, is a focal point, that allows me to switch between the practical or useful and the unpractical. I love the gap and tension between these two extremes and that’s what inspire me most.”
Symbolic. Metaphoric. Actual. Real. Functional. Intimate. You can find them all, among these white creations, that invite you into the sacred and isolated world of a ceramist behind her closed studio doors.
Oh wait, if you, just like me, wish to own your very own white tool, you should write Orit, she might consider adding a bunch of them, to her ever evolving etsy shop!


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