My San Francisco Break: A Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur


Hi there. My name is Einat, Travel My San Francisco Break: A Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur

Two weeks ago we decided to head back to one of our favorite location aka Carmel for the weekend.
It’s only two and a half hours from home but it feels like a different world.
I have a feeling that you’ll hear about this magical place from time to time (I won’t be able to resist myself). As you know me, give me blue skies and a blue ocean and I’m the happiest girl alive.

A Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur // via: Design Break

we managed to arrive at Carmel for the sunset and so we headed straight to the beach. It really felt like a dream…I’n not sure I’ve ever seen so many colors during one sunset. From Yellow to Orange to purple and lots of other shades in between. It was breathtaking!
After spending some time at the beach we went to La Bicyclette, for a pretty special dinner. We ate lots of cheese, drank some wine and of course there was pizza action as well.

A Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur // via: Design Break

On the next day we decided to explore Big Sur. I heard so much about the magical views of highway 101 and just had to see it for myself so we did. We drove all the way from Carmel to Big Sur and the minute we saw the big sign “Welcome to Big Sur” (at least I think I saw it) we looked for the Big Sur Bakery. While there, we ate the most outrageous breakfast and it’s called the breakfast pizza . CRAZY! Oh, I also drank one of the best cup of teas in my life. It was the cinnamon spice tea. I need to go back and have another cup!
From there we headed up to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and trust me when I tell you it felt like the most magical place on earth. The shades of blue took my breath away and I kept staring at the ocean for a long time. Seriously, it felt like a different world and made all the difference from a nice weekend to a dreamy one. I have a feeling that there is so much more to see in Big Sur so I’m definitely going back. Sooner than you think.

A Weekend in Carmel and Big Sur // via: Design Break
Photos by me

Hope you enjoyed my oceanic break… and until next week I wish you a relaxing weekend, my lovely breakers!


  • November 21, 2013


    Oh this place is just pure magic. Could drive the hgwy1 every weekend. And next time we are there, we will check out your second recommendation, La Bicyclette.

  • November 21, 2013


    I thought you gonna say that next time we should go together ;)

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