Illustration, Israeli Designers Instagram Break: Geffen Refaeli’s Illustrated Stream

I’m in love with Geffen Refaeli. There, I said it out loud. She is one of my favorite illustrators these days and I can’t get enough of her mad talent.
I’m telling you all of this because… While going through my instagram feed (I know you want to strangle me for the constant instagram mentions… sorry!), I got a follower alert and behind it was @dailydoodlegram aka Geffen Refaeli’s daily doodle account. This wicked girl, chooses once a day, a picture from her own instagram feed, and does what she does best, giving her own unique flavor to it.
I’m sure she heard it before but… Geffen, I hope you’ll doodle one of my pics one of these days ;)



  • June 25, 2012


    i am so so honored!!!!!!!! thank you!!
    i doodle images from a FEW photos every day- and i hope soon one will be yours!:)

    lots of smiles!

  • June 26, 2012


    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed… however, no pressure! ;)

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