Instagram Dishes? Hell Yeah!


Ceramics, Israeli Designers, Photography Instagram Dishes? Hell Yeah!

“How do you create an entirely new and exciting food experience for foodies who believe they’ve already seen it all?”
For the team of Carmel wineries (one of the largest and oldest wineries in Israel) the answer was simple. They call it FOODOGRAPHY. “A series of unique and unforgettable live dining events, that doubled as photography workshops and at the center of lie two first-of-a-kind dishes created to capture the perfect shot of gourmet food through a smartphone.”
You have no idea how excited it made me feel (as a hopeless foodie-grapher) when I first spotted these brilliant Instagram dishes on my facebook feed. I guess that’s what happens when most of your facebook friends are designers.
But enough about me. Back to this rad project. The three, who turned this Syfy concept into a realty, are truly a dream team, in Israel and beyond. I’m referring to Adi Nissani (a ceramic designer who specializes in artisan tableware and develops custom made collections for restaurants), Dan Perez (my absolute favorite Israeli food photographer) and Meir Adoni (a well renowned chef).
If you ask me what’s the best next thing you should do right now, it’s watching this yummy video and then… well, I’m sure you gonna wish these dishes are up for grabs for you to have and to hold at your next dinner table. I know that’s exactly how I feel. Oh well, I guess a girl can dream.

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