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Sometimes (but honestly, more often than I care to admit) I look at creations that were made for tiny people and secretly covet them. Do you know what I’m talking about?
Anyways, this time, when I bumped into Dana Muskat’s BigStuffed family, I had no doubt in my mind, that my mini-me (and I), are destined to add another member to our family. I can’t resist these super soft (and ginormous!) creatures, their sad eyes and overall “please adopt me now!” look. I’m pretty sure it was Dana Muskat’s intention all along.
Behind the mastermind of this “operation cuteness”, there is a story about a girl, who wanted to become a fashion designer. Studied and even apprenticed at some of the top names in the industry, but then realized that what you see on the runway shows, is not really what you get behind closed doors. That’s when she decided to leave that world behind in order to pursue her own thing, which at the time she wasn’t too sure on what that would be. To make long story short, one meter long Octopus, that Dana made for her brand new niece, opened the door to a sea of many sad but lovable creatures. When the responses started flowing, Dana realized that she was onto something good. Then again, who can resist a huge snuggle-ish (and 100% handmade!) buddy, that will forever serve as your very own guardian angel? I know I can’t!

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