Student Work Bezalel Academy | The Timeline

  • Shimon Cornfeld | Ceramics and Glass Department
  • Yaakov Aranbayev | Jewelry and Fashion Department
  • Ella Uzan | Screen Based Arts Department
  • Inbal Garzon | Ceramics and Glass Department
  • Danielle Fischer | Fine Arts Department

The minds behind Bezalel Art and Design Academy out did themselves! With Facebook launching it’s timeline, Bezalel is also introducing it’s very own artistic timeline. You can find lots of inspiration from their students and recent graduates but above all you can spend hours and hours staring at all the projects you didn’t know about untill now. FYI, this timeline is Hebrew friendly but I’m pretty sure you can find your way easily.

I feel a bit behind with my own Facebook page… I think it’s time I start to work on DesignBreak’s timeline ;)

Created by “Shalmor Avnon Amichay / Y&R Interactive

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