Graphic Design, Israeli Designers Asufa | The Happiest Haggadah Alive

  • Illustration by Ron Nadel
  • Illustration by Miki Mottes
  • Typography by Guy Tamam
  • Illustration by Or Livne
  • Asufa | The Happiest Haggadah Alive

As I’m getting ready to celebrate my first Passover here in San Francisco with some new friends, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share with you one ah-mazing gem.
Have you heard of Lior Yamin and Tomer Roth, two energizers (and young designers), who opened one special store celebrating young Israeli design? Anyways, for this Passover these two turned to some of Israel’s most talented illustrators and designers and together they assembled the happiest Haggadah out there! Can you imagine turning page by page and really enjoying reading the extra long Haggadah?!

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