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Unless you are Jewish, you probably didn’t even realize that Passover is just around the corner. AND, I don’t blame you!
Ummm… Full disclosure: Passover isn’t one of my favorite holidays. However, since it first started three years ago, I’m super excited about Asufa‘s brand new (and oh so fancy) addition of the Haggadah.
The concept is simple: each designer is given a text segment from the traditional Haggadah and is assigned to design a spread.
What I love most about it is the fact that each year the Haggadah is filled with new designers and illustrators. And since we have lots and lots of crazy talented peeps in our tiny Israel, it feels so good to flip through the pages and find new talent.
It’s seriously my favorite thing to do in April. I always get excited to find out who made the cut this time around and I must say that Lior Yamin, one half behind Asufa and the editor of the Haggadah, never disappoints!
In case you are wondering, you can find out more about last year’s Haggadah, right here.

Illustrations (from top to bottom) by: Ori Toor, Ovadia Benishu, Enosh Bar-Tur, Noa Kelner, Tahel Maor and Hen Macabi

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