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I’ve been following Yael Keila Sagi’s artistic footsteps for a long time. I think it was back in 2011, when I first bumped into this bigger than life designer, who wasn’t afraid of bold and over the top accessories. In her world, no material or object is off limits. I mean, have you heard of someone who likes playing around and designing with bells as their main material?! Anyways, that was back then. Yael, a trained fashion designer, decided that accessories make her much happier than cloths, and that move made me extra happy!
Lately she sent my way her latest collection, “Memphis”, which was inspired by the 80?s design group, “Memphis”. For Yael, as for the Memphis guys, everything goes. From unconventional shapes to bold textures and patterns, crazy color choices and wacky materials. Oh with only one exception, Yael sticked to a monochromatic palette, which I love!. Remember, this girl is not a trained jewelry designer, and so the road was bumpy at time BUT the outcome is beyond surprising and good. Soooooooo good. Hand painted oak wood, mixed with marble and crackle paint, geometric, and sculptural. Need I say more?!
Oh one last thing, if #BTS, is your thing, head over to Yael’s instagram feed. She is definitely not afraid to show the messy and raw parts of daily life.

You can get in touch with Yael at: yaelutza {at} gmail {dot} com

Photos by Merav Ben Loulou

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