Fashion, Student Work, World Break World Break: Eleanor Bolton | Giant Scale. Soft Sensation.

  • 100 Metres Knotted Neckpiece
  • Grey Coiled Rope Necklace
  • Knotted Coiled Rope Necklace
  • Block Blues | Coiled Cotton Rope Necklace
  • Twisted Coiled Rope Necklace
  • Red and Knotted Coiled Neckpiece
Since developing her own craft technique of coiling and stitching cotton rope during her time at the RCA, this gal doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.
Eleanor Bolton keeps on stitching, knotting and twisting her way to the big league!
“Eleanor’s jewelry practice focuses on an innovative use of materials, how a material can be manipulated using simple techniques to create something unexpected and unusual while exploring the boundaries of form and function.”
Don’t know what about you, but for me it’s the ultimate statement piece!


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