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  • Delegate Earrings | Expo Collection
  • Habitat Earrings | Expo Collection
  • Hostess Earrings | Expo Collection
  • Pavilion Earrings | Expo Collection
  • Biosphere Earrings | Expo Collection
  • Expo Earrings | Expo Collection
It happened once before so why not again. Coming your way are two posts about only one designer!
As of now, Morgan Mallett, the wicked gal behind Design + Conquer, is the one to beat. Graphic designers, who make the transition into the world of accessories, are my heroes! And as one of those, Morgan brings so much versatility and awesomeness to the table. As I see it, coming from the graphic design world gives her a great advantage! I got so excited that I didn’t mention my massive crush on the colors, shapes… well, all of it, from beginning to end!



  • October 12, 2011


    i like this collection (orange and green) more than the other one (white), too geometric. Kind of strange effect but at least, something new.

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