World Break: Asia Pietrzyk | Striking An Illustrated Pose


Fashion, Illustration, World Break World Break: Asia Pietrzyk | Striking An Illustrated Pose

I think that I need to thank Bri (aka DesignLoveFest) for introducing me to the magnificent Asia Pietrzyk and her magic hands. The next step (that happens Whenever I find a creative that I like) was searching her profile on Instagram and from there life is much brighter, prettier and happier. That’s exactly how I feel about Asia and her Instagram account. At first it was her showcasing the world how brilliant she is as an illustrator BUT THEN… Then came her oh-so-dreamy instamissimos.
In her instamissimos, Asia strikes an illustrated pose. She picks her favorite insta-pics and transforms them into illustrations or gifs. In a way it’s a colorful version of my absolute fave DailyDoodleGram (you do know what I’m talking about. Right?!).
At the moment there are 50 instamissimos and my two favorite ones are nº40 and nº16 oh and also this dreamy box of chocolates (aka nº5).
I hope you get me. This girl is special. Super special. And I can’t wait for mountains of instamissimos to flowed my insta-feed.

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