Fashion, World Break World Break: Dark Cloud Silver | Musical Treasure

  • Wooden Turntable Pendant
  • iPod Earphones Pendant
  • Connoisseur Turntable Pendant
  • DJ Crate Digger Pendant
  • Old School Turntable Pendant
From time to time there is nothing wrong with splurging, right? Well, I’m not sure if my wallet will be happy to hear about my latest wishlist. Who am I kidding, I can only dream of having one of Dark Cloud Silver‘s music miniatures as my own. It takes me back in time, when as a little girl I wore my favorite miniature cookie monster as a pendent (I had an exquisite taste back in the day :)
You can get your own tiny treasure at oyemodern.com, a house for many Australian designers.
BTW, the mystery man behind it all is the wonder boy, Nathan Thomas.


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