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Like every other Tuesday, we tag along to get a glimpse into Liron Lavi Turkenich‘s life as A Typographer in The Making. I have a feeling that being a foodie myself and reading Liron’s post made me love her even more (although I’m not sure if it’s possible).
So… Take Four is a foodie post with a little bit of a Christmas vibe.
I’ll leave it to Liron to explain it all…
Christmas feeling in the air. And on the streets. And in the stores. Trying to get a glimpse of the most beautiful window displays of the year through a river of shoppers. Drinking the best Glühwein in Southbank’s German Christmas Market. Shocked with all the effort put into the Hyde Park’s winter wonderland’s extravaganza. Eating a surprisingly good “Sufgania” in the Swiss table at Monocle Christmas market and receiving so many designed giveaways. Two sets of gloves is not enough for me. Still freezing. When riding a bicycle it’s even colder but faster. Watching a live demonstration of a Monotype caster and loving the bins with the metal leftovers. Opening the drawers with wood and metal letters in school and feeling like it’s opening presents. Eating (or drinking?) an incredible hot chocolate at Ladurée with a spoon and pretending I’m in Paris. Feeling like in a museum at Harrods. Writing really really fast with a calligraphy pen in an Italics workshop and wanting to integrate every single outcome in my own typeface. Starting to understand the massive scope of material in the department’s collection. Not breathing while touching a type specimen from 1500, laughing while reading diaries from the 19th century and trying to figure out how I can combine everything in my dissertation. Once again, eating a Raclette in the never disappointing Borough Market. Going to the V&A for the Hollywood Costume Exhibition and spending another hour in Light from the Middle East photography exhibit. Being happy that Tal Shochat, the Israeli photographer presented optimistic work. Finding a good direction for my typeface. The three scripts are so different but it might work. Can’t decide if the desserts in Yautcha are more beautiful or more delicious. Is there a connection between letters and desserts? There must be. Otherwise, how can it be that I love both of them so much?

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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