Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Three

I know you should have read this guest post like two days ago BUT… what can I say, my bad!
Here we are two weeks after Liron’s first post and I feel like things are getting better and better or in Liron’s case sweeter and sweeter.
I’ll leave it to Liron to do all the typographic talk, while I’ll be drooling over the thought of one of my favorite spots in London aka Columbia Road Flower Market
So just let me refresh your memory, Liron Lavi Turkenich is my super sweet guest, who will be joining me every other Tuesday to share with you her typographic journey and more.
Sitting in a room with other people in their late twenties and cutting letter forms from colored paper. Feeling like I received a present that allows me to do kindergarten activities in an MA course disguise. Still not finding a single good dessert in Reading, but being optimistic that I’ll find one by the end of the year. Fixing our fireplace and feeling warm and cozy again. Fireplaces make you relaxed. And sleepy. Going to only one exhibition in the Tate Modern just because we can go there anytime. Experiencing a view of all of London from the café and being squeezed between people just because we want to sit on the sofas. Realizing that I don’t really know how to design a ‘D’ and looking at specimens. Angrily declaring that “the ‘S’ is not a friend of mine” after being frustrated with it’s design. Buying a 1£ orchid at the end of the day in Columbia Road Flower market. Entering the beautiful Lily Vanilly just to find out that they ran out of cakes. Finally understanding that all places, including cafés close early on Sundays but still manage to discover a great one just before closing. Doing a lot of Amharic calligraphy. Having a hard time riding a bicycle on the left side but getting great advise on how to survive it: “Like in cheating your way out of a maze, the sidewalk should ALWAYS be on your left”. Printing a historic page of the Gutenberg Bible. Using a replica of Gutenberg’s first press and wondering why it is so physically hard. I should do more yoga. Visiting Pencil to Pixel and being thrilled with a type themed exhibition. And with the building. And with the view of the Thames river. And with Hebrew letters in one of the showcases. When I came here, I thought that type design is this one tiny tiny discipline within Graphic Design. Being here makes me realize that It’s (and please believe me) an enormous field. How will I ever know it all?

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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