Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Seven

By now you probably know the drill, every other Tuesday Liron Lavi Turkenich shares with us her day to day life as a typography student at Redding. You would expect lots of fonts and alignments talk but instead you can find lots of foodie talk with a dash of design-y and artsy shows. Don’t worry, there is still plenty of room for Liron the typographer (she is so cute when talking about her future font!).
Go ahead and read her post… It’s super “Israeli” in a way but don’t miss the part where the marshmallow pop up shop is mentioned (!!!)
White rain, black ice. BBC weather website is addicting. Cannot trust my intuition anymore before going out of the house. Accidentally buying a skirt, accidentally getting a nice perfume tester and Nespresso capsules in Selfridges. I am willing to move there anytime. Discovering Monmouth coffee in Borough and not wanting to stand the long line. Not using the word “line” anymore, but it’s British equivalent ‘queue’. Happy to be cravings-chaser when it succeeds, and in Covent garden’s Monmouth cafe enjoying the pleasures of cosy communal table, fresh Brioche, great conversation and most important- another rare case of good coffee. Having a very bad series of “Everything is sold out or closed”. Hayward Gallery Light Show, Farmers market in Bermondsey, Tate’s Lichtenstein Retrospective, marshmallow pop up shop on Kingly court. To be continued… Finally starting my typeface’s Italics, and loving their friendliness. Designing a bold weight in my opinion, but a semi-bold in everybody else’s opinion. Wondering what that says about me. Coming to London for the opening of an exhibition, but not being able to feel my frozen toes and standing in a very crowded room makes the experiance seem a lot less cool. Giving a talk about Hebrew in the department. Being happy with the large turnout and tempting people to love Hebrew by giving homemade Tahini cookies. Buying family size Tahini jars too often. Getting to the point of missing real Hummus, and going with school friends to a surprisingly good Hummus place, not without teaching the “Nigguv” movement. Starting to see letter forms as humans or animals but understanding that its part of the deal. Or maybe it’s just me?

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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