Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Twelve

Apparently the sun is out even in England… Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to hear that BUT after realizing that summer time is also the coldest time here in San Francisco I’m not sure what to do with this devastating information. Oh well, I guess I just have to stick to Liron’s post and dream of sunnier places with blue skies and ocean views. Let’s all pray for lots of sunshine and a rainless summer (fingers crossed!). Oh and… Liron is nearing her end of the school year and that only means that I have to find a way to keep her in the UK or else it’s gonna be game over for her Typographer in The Making the Reading version. or isn’t it?
A weekend in a British countryside – Ditchling. All the course invited by Monotype for a seminar full of calligraphy and letter carving. Lucky enough, we got sunny warm weather to complete the relaxed atmosphere. Staying in Brighton and feeling abroad. Not knowing how emotional and exciting it will be to see the ocean after so long. Waking up early in the morning to catch an hour of sitting on the beach with coffee before leaving. Being shocked that the beach is not sandy, but pebbly. Apparently, my ideas of a beach are not universal.
After three times, managing to enter Hayward’s Light Show. Completely agreeing to all the superlatives and admiring every piece. And the Gallery’s walls. Walking in the rain just to visit another Ottolenghi branch. Never being tired of chasing that place, and beginning to admit that a massive addiction has found its way to my life. Eating lunch in a food market, eating dinner in another. Loving the fact that something is happening in every corner, and in many cases its related to food.
Enjoying a super sunny week. Never tired of talking about sun and the great mood it brings with it. Working on my black weight of the typeface, and hearing comments from all over that “finely, this is bold”. Trying to be brave and make it fatter and fatter, until I think its enough. But then still getting comments like “go bolder!”. I am bold already!!! And so is the typeface… Working outside in the sun with my mac, taking a coffee break outside, a lunch break outside, a little walking break outside. (would this be the moment to thank DesignBreak?) Too hard to sit inside when there is such great weather outside. Although the temperature is Israel’s winter, in the UK it’s considered summer.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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