Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Eleven

I wish I could switch places with Liron for just a day! I’ve been meaning to say it for a long time… God only knows that I’m thinking it since forever. She has the most exciting life and most important (shallow me) she can eat like crazy and still look drop dead gorgeous (I wish I was that lucky)!
I know, I know, I should be focusing on her being an amazing typographer in the making.
I am!
Starting off with a complaint about the fruits from the farmers market: fruits in the UK taste like nothing (except for the kiwi which was probably imported at the right time. I miss fruits with flavor. And vegetables too. Stopping my complaints to make room for positive words.
The sun decided to grace us with it’s presences for couple of days. People are happier, smiling on the street. We are happier too. Going to London for a shopping day. Finding my new favorite store, which in everything is painfully designed especially for me. I need these earrings, I need these rings, I need that gold nail polish and I need this skirt. Oh, and I need these shoes. A week after, returning to the same store, buying most of what I needed and immediately updating my “to buy” list. Must get out and never come back… good luck on that. Having a discussion with my other half and agreeing to disagree about the relative difference between needing and wanting. For now… Trying on cloths in the middle of a store and being on a race to try on, decide and pay before the store closes. Loosing sense of time. Loosing sensation in my hands from heavy shopping bags.
Working on the Hebrew ‘Mem’. Wondering why some letters are so hard to design and just don’t seem to work out. And suddenly they do. Few days after, with no change… they stopped working again. Typeface design is full of mysteries. Trying for the second time to get to the Light Show, and once again- sold out. Understanding that in Britain, you must be more organised. I booked tickets online for two weeks from now. Having bad luck at SOAS library- it’s closed, and my reason for going to London was gone. Being brave and going to two gallery exhibitions ALONE. Finding out it’s not so bad. Or hard. Discovering my new favorite artist at the Gagosian Gallery, smiling to the walls at the Kemistry. Drinking great coffee, in a super sweet place, and finishing up in Dalston’s street feast. Not before filling my bag with Ottolenghi and Whole Foods goods to take home to my lovely other half.

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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