Graphic Design, Israeli Designers A Typographer in The Making: Take Eight

First thing first, it sure took Liron a long time to mention the great Ottolenghi in her posts… I was wondering what went wrong ;) Anyways, this time is all about a weather report (FYI, back in Israel there’s a lot of sunshine even in March…), Amharic development, a little bit of window shopping and of course some foodie talk. You’ll find it all in this times A Typographer in The Making by the cutest typographer, Liron Lavi Turkenich.

On a side note: here is a Hebrew friendly interview with Liron about her journey so far, taken by one of my favorite Israeli journalists.
Cheaper in the UK and therefore worth eating as often as possible: mushrooms, sweet potatoes, cereal. Truly falling into the biggest weather scam of the year: Eating my lunch outside and enjoying the sun without my coat on (!!!) and believing that it makes sense that the spring has arrived. After all- it’s March already. But then, evil as British weather can possibly be – snow and wind froze my bones. Did I write March? March already, unbelievable that we’ve been here for six months already. Hearing too many different opinions about my ‘j’ and having to just decide for myself. Finely visiting, drinking and eating the best award winner brownie at Lily Vanilli. Entering stores on Columbia Road – all sharing the amazing ability to make you feel that you NEED to own every single item. The Amharic (Ethiopic) letters in my typeface are starting to look coherent, much more work needs to be done. Changing my regular seat at the studio might help productivity, although I believe that choosing seats by their relative location to heaters and daylight is the proper way. Watching a male only modern dance performance and thinking about the incredible strength they have to lift each other and make it seam easy. Putting an end to my homemade-marshmallow crave: Pear & Elderflower. Managing to choose among the unlimited possibilities that Ottolenghi offers (almond croissant, carrot-apple-oatmeal muffin), and while eating it thinking about what to get next time. Hearing a fascinating talk about Tibetan, Mongolian and Javanese and suddenly thinking that Hebrew, as a script, doesn’t seem that wild or too exciting anymore. But maybe it depends on whom you ask?

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Photos by Liron Lavi Turkenich

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