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  • Safety Matches | Detail | Roi Vasp and Dan Hochberg
  • Safety Matches | Roi Vasp and Dan Hochberg
  • Atar Brosh, Merav Schnaps and Ohad Banit | Jerusalem Clock
  • Parts | Tali Zichrony
  • Digested Urbanism | David Keller
  • Cast In Stone | Noam Bar Yochai
  • Tradition Progress | Etay Amir

It’s been a tough week but now I’m back. Hope you missed me.
I’m a bit behind but… Jerusalem had it’s first ever Design Week, and till December 17, you can visit “Time 02”, which is all about passionate young designers. The curator Tal Gur says that the only initiating guideline was “Jerusalem as a source of inspiration”. “From the diverse and unexpected ways the designers chose, from the corners they chose to illuminate, we collected a mass of interesting and inspiring projects that each one is in a way a microcosms of Jerusalem.” FYI, The spirit behind it all is the energetic David Keller who I wrote about before.

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