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When you finish super intense four years as a jewelry design student, you are not too sure what the morning after will be like.
Everyone asks, what’s next? Where will you go from here? For many, the answer isn’t clear at first, but for Shiran Sahshua, there was only one answer. That’s when The Morning After came to life!
From the get go, Shiran realized that combining metal with unconventional materials, is what challenges and intrigues her the most.
In her first collection, Split Ends, Shiran was inspired by maps, latitude and longitude, compasses, arrows and signs. At that point she also realized that paper is the only acceptable material.
I must admit that these white folded papers made my heart skip a beat. As you all know by now, paper is my weakness in all shape or form. From stationary to jewelry to wrapping paper. I have them all forms and in stocks. The only question is, which of these Split Ends will end up in my possession.

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