Fashion, Israeli Designers Tami Bar-Lev | Hats and Piña Coladas, They Sure Go Hand in Hand

I’ve been told to expect “Gloom June” but up until today I thought they were all wrong… and then came the rain. IN JUNE! Other than feeling sorry for myself I didn’t do much, so I thought I better write about far far away, were the sun is shining and you need to wear your hat, the colors are bright and life is good. While writing, it feels like I’m describing the debut collection by Miss hatter Tami Bar-Lev, If You Like Piña Coladas. I’d love to wear one of these super fun and hilarious hats and pretend that I’m on my way to a fancy vacation… OK, let’s start with drinking a Piña Colada and go from there!


Photos by Asaf Einy

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