Photography, World Break World Break: Sweet Fine Day | As Sweet As It Gets

  • Oyster Mushroom Series no1 | 4 Fine Art Prints
  • Kitchen tea towel
  • Market Beets FIne Art Print
  • Kitchen tea towel
  • Oyster Mushroom Series no2 | 4 FIne Art Prints

I just love team effort and especially one that is all about the family.
Jenna Park is the creative director and her husband Mark is the pastry chef behind the Brooklyn confectionery company, Whimsy & Spice.
She photographs, styles and designs all the creative efforts behind the brand. Their Sweet Fine Day is a photo blog and what a photo blog it is! The photographs are eye candy and you can purchase the most artistic ones at their Etsy shop. My favorite item is the kitchen tea towel, which will add just the perfect touch to my white and lonely dinning table. You can get up close and personal with the duo right here.


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