Surprise. I’m Back


Hi there. My name is Einat Surprise. I’m Back

i can’t actually believe it myself but i’ve been rewriting this post in my head for the last three years or so.
life now is so much different, then the life i had when i wrote this last post about talia mukmel’s creations. and if i’m being honest, it feels like i haven’t been here for six years. ever since my mini was born, and life turned upside down.
it took me some time (way more than i had ever expected) but now i’m ready to be back to my sweet haven, with my favorite israeli designers and a bunch of new ones. i have gazillion pinns (on pinterest, duh. are you as obsessed with pinterest as i am?) that i’ve saved for this day.
if there is one thing i know for sure, it’s the fact that discovering raw talent and shouting it from the rooftop (or the pages of this blog, to be exact), is what gives me life.
and if it’s your first time visiting my design break, welcome! i started design break back in 2009 out of my slight obsession for all things design and my desire to write about the mad crazy local talent that was around me in israel. since then, after lots of hours scouting young talent on and offline, many graduate shows and studio visits, it became my full time job and i wouldn’t have it any other way.
as you might notice, i worked with the most talented team on the new design (hi gang! dafna bloch and eli cohen). there is no way i could have done any of it (especially in this covid world that we all live in) without their constant support and big hearts.
i also had some time to think about the daunting “about page”. i decided to share 15 random facts about myself, that will help you get to know me a little better. and if i need to choose one fact, it would be “i love hugs (as in the biggest most squeezing kind), sunny smiles, desserts, adventures and the ocean.” that’s most definitely sums me up. and of course it’s a lots of little parts in one sentence but that’s just how i roll.
i could go on and on about how much i missed writing, connecting, discovering, loving and basically just being with all of you, my sweet breakers. let’s just say that it feels oh-so-amazing to be back and i’m ready to share but also discover new and exciting talent along this never ending journey of blogging.
one last thing, you can always join my everyday life and discovering from israel, san francisco and beyond on instagram and facebook. yeah, i’m also giving design break’s facebook page another go.

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