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  • The Awateef Family | Take One
  • The Awateef Family | Take Two
  • Awateef | Vase
  • Awateef | Lamp Shades
  • Awateef | Behind the Scenes
Maya Ober, a resent graduate of the Industrial Design Department at Holon Institute of Technology, teamed up with her Polish friends for her graduation project. The four girls, aka knockoutdesign, created the Awateef family, a community based hand weaved project, with the help of the Palestinian craftswomen of Kfar Manda village in Galilee. The slogan behind this collaboration was “when local craft meets technology and design to serve the community”. There is a lot more to tell about this importent project and you can read about it all right here.
FYI, “Awateef” means “Feelings” in Arabic.


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