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I’ve been meaning to write about Noam Tabenkin’s Furniture Hospital since 2010. Crazy but true… Who would have thought that two years can go by so quickly?!
Anyways, there is no way two little years will stand between me and writing a post regarding this spot on concept… In her graduation project Noam gave new life to damaged, out-of-use furnitures. The thing is that the way she mixed the old with the new and improved them make me want to damage some of my own furniture only so Noam could save them and give them the Tabenkin magic. Again, crazy but true!



  • December 5, 2012


    Interesting Project! I live in NYC and I would love to save furnitures that I see on the street everyday. I think the Furniture Hospital should be in every City and beautiful newly born chairs should be adopted!!

  • December 9, 2012


    I really do love your comment “newly born chairs should be adopted!”
    I can see it in my mind already :)

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